RESTORE Ridge Repair Enriched Nail Polish

RESTORE Ridge Repair Enriched Nail Polish
RESTORE Ridge Repair
The bottle's outer cap can be pulled off for easier application
The brush holds just the right amount of polish for a perfect application
RESTORE Ridge Repair Enriched Nail Polish
RESTORE Ridge Repair Enriched Nail Polish
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RESTORE Ridge Repair Enriched Nail Polish

Just like our lives this year, your nail maintenance might be all over the place. Enter RESTORE Ridge Repair, the second eco-friendly base coat in the Dr.’s REMEDY line. Made with materials that are both sustainable and renewable, this fortifying ridge filler helps condition, nourish, and strengthen bumpy nails that might have been neglected during what definitely felt like one of the longest winters ever.

Infused with known antifungal ingredients as well as strengthening biotin, RESTORE Ridge Repair helps heal damage and reverse discoloration and will make smoothing out any rough spots on your nails a snap. Wear it alone (as a base coat) for a natural look or as a perfectly laid foundation paired with any Dr.’s REMEDY shade.

Directions: Apply one thin coat of Ridge Repair and allow to dry, follow by 2 coats of any Dr.'s REMEDY shaded polish.

*Ridge Repair may appear streaky upon application, this is normal as it's meant to be absorbed where needed.

UV Protected
This item is considered HAZMAT. Please allow up to 7-10 business days for delivery. What is HAZMAT?

Dr.'s Remedy is formulated

The Formula: Podiatrist formulated advanced nail enamel. Long-lasting, brilliant colors. Enriched with Garlic Bulb extract, Tea Tree Oil, Wheat Protein, and Vitamins C and E.

How to use for best results

1 Apply one coat of BASIC Base coat to clean nails
2 Apply 1-2 coats of any of our Nail Color polishes
3 Finish by applying a coat of CALMING Clear Top Coat
For best results, use Dr.'s REMEDY Nail Color, BASIC Base Coat, and CALMING Clear Top Coat

Voila! Beautiful and long-lasting enriched nails

Dr.'s Remedy is proud to be 10-Free

Formaldehyde | Toluene | Formaldehyde Resin | Camphor | Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP) | Xylene | Ethyl Tosylamide | Parabens | Phthalates (including DBP) | Animal Products