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Q: What's the big deal about Biotin?

Biotin is a b-complex vitamin that has been identified as a necessary nutrient for a century, but we have only begun to fully understand it in the past two decades:

The Importance Behind the Essential Nutrient Biotin

Biotin is an essential nutrient which has gained a lot of attention due to its ability to help strengthen hair follicles. Interestingly, Biotin actually plays lots of different roles in our body. Especially, if you are looking for longer and STRONGER nails, Biotin is the go-to supplement.

5 Key Facts To Know About Biotin

  1. Biotin not only aids in the growth of nails but also helps combat weak, brittle nails.

  2. Aside from the benefits of biotin for nails; Biotin is also used for hair growth, diabetes, skin health and glow, and even mild depression.

  3. Biotin is an essential nutrient, which means that our body does not synthesize it on its own. Instead we must consume this vitamin through supplements and/or diet.

  4. If you are deficient when it comes to Biotin some key signs are thinning of hair, scaly rashes on the skin, and depression.

  5. Some other names for Biotin are, Vitamin H and Vitamin B-7.


Hydration: a clear coat nail treatment for dry brittle nails.

A natural nail conditioner, infused with Biotin and the carbohydrate complex Pentavitin which contains moisturizing binding capabilities. Hydration is also enriched with whole wheat protein and four major vitamins. This clear coat helps moisturize, strengthen and protect the look of nails. Wear alone as a treatment or as a base coat under your favorite shade.

Vitamin Supplement: a nails, skin and hair vitamin.

Formulated by podiatrists, this new vitamin optimizes nail health from within. Enriched with the known beauty powerhouse Biotin, this new supplement offers nutritional support and boosts the health of nails, skin and hair. The perfect blend of nutrients supports normal cell growth, repairs damaged cells, and helps create new tissue. Think stronger, healthier nails! (1 bottle = 1 month supply)

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