Nails and Skin Vitamin

Nails and Skin Vitamin 040232171475
Nails and Skin Vitamin 040232171475
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Nails and Skin Vitamin


FORMULATED AND RECOMMENDED BY PODIATRISTS, this new vitamin optimizes nail health from within. Enriched with the known beauty powerhouse Biotin, this new supplement offers nutritional support and boosts the health of nails, skin and hair. The perfect blend of nutrients supports normal cell growth, repairs damaged cells, and helps create new tissue. Think stronger, healthier nails! (1 bottle = 1 month supply)

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Customer Reviews

May 19, 2015
Started using the vitamins 2 months ago and my nails are coming back to life. Thank you for putting this product out on the market. I needed this product to help get my nails stronger, and they are.
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