"I loved that my nails improved after the 1st week. They were stronger and not splitting. It (Hydration) also improved the texture of my nail as I had a lot of ridges and now they are less visible. I also love the nice shine this product gives to your nails,it makes them look really healthy. I have told friends and they are very keen to try the product for themselves"
-2017 User Trial Results

Your moisturizing nail treatment (clear blue bottle) works terrific as a top coat. It keeps polish on a long time. Better than any top coat I have tried.
-Nancy (Maryland)

LOVE the product! I am a cancer survivor and appreciate your non-toxic & clean nail polishes!
Warm regards,
-Karen (Washington)

I have to say that your nail polish worked wonders for my toe nails. My nails had gotten so messed up from having chemo. They were discolored - even some came off. I tried to leave polish off; thinking would help them grow back better. There was no change. I had read about your polish and I decided to try it. My nails actually started to look healthy again after continuous use. I believe that having your polish was better for my nails than no polish. I’m very happy I found this product.
Thank you,
-Sandra (Facebook follower)

I have been using Dr.’s Remedy nail polish for a year and I am thrilled with your product. The polish is very long lasting and remains shiny and smooth for much longer than any other nail polish I have tried. I generally don't like to use dark colors because my nails chip easily but with Dr.'s Remedy the polish seems to adhere and last long enough for me to enjoy colorful nails. I now bring my polish with me to the nail salon! I initially used this product because it is toxin free; I continue to use it, and recommend it to others because it is terrific!
Many thanks, 
- Beth (Independent rep)

I love Dr.’s REMEDY polish because it’s toxin free and packed with essential vitamins…I feel like I am doing something good for my nails!
-Dana Avidan (InStyle Magazine)

I have purchased several shades of your polish. I’m delighted that for the first time ever, I can wear nail polish without my nails chipping, turning yellow and splitting!
-LK (New York)

I recommend Dr.’s REMEDY to my patients and my colleagues for use with their patients. Your patients will be grateful, as mine have been.
-Dr. Matthew Kassnov (New York)