Addressing Chlorine & Your Nails After The COVID-19 Summer

While for many, the summer of 2020 meant less socialization and more time spent at home – there were others who embraced the backyard quarantine either in their own backyard oasis or in the company of a trusted neighbor and their coveted pool. All that splashing offered a momentary escape from the reality of the pandemic, but perhaps there is some summer residue left behind. CHLORINE!

In the great scheme of things, your nails aren’t the tribulation of which you need to center your focus, but in a world that seems out-of-our-control at the moment, taking action on our own health and preservation is sometimes all we can do.

Why Chlorine Can Ruin Your Nail Polish is just the first question. What’s more is How to protect nails from chlorine and salt water.

When nail health is the one thing we can control, we once again, turn to the doctors for the facts and some answers:


• Chlorine and saltwater dry out your nails
• Chlorine and saltwater can cause your nails to turn yellow or discolor.
• Chlorine and saltwater can weaken your nails and cause them to break and split.

When pressed on this nail-biting dilemma, while they perhaps cannot address How to Protect Every Inch of Your Body From Chlorine Damage the NAIL CARE ANSWERS are clear:

1. Use a nail hardener such as HYDRATION Hydrating treatment to add much needed moisture and flexibility back to the nail.

2. Remember to also treat your nail health from within, Dr.'s REMEDY NAILS & SKIN VITAMIN contains 5,000 micrograms of Biotin. This everyday multi-vitamin optimizes nail health from within and offers nutritional support, while boosting the strength of nails, skin and hair. The perfect blend of nutrients supports normal cell growth, repairs damaged cells, and helps create new tissue.

3. It goes without saying that resuming a vitamin-rich diet with ample protein will always help contribute to nail growth and strength.

4. Water is a key ingredient to restoring dryness. Drink plenty of water daily and your nails, skin and hair will respond.

As the weather changes and the summer heat dissipates, remember, your nails also transition. Revitalizing nail strength now, before the winter winds strike is key. Protect them with your favorite Remedy polish, enriched for your nail health.

Don’t forget to enjoy the new colors of the season all around you and the Fall polish hues, like DESIRE Dark Brown, destined to lift your spirits.


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