Nail Polish Healing Ingredients: Fighting COVID-19

The search is on for hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes (not to mention toilet paper)! While the pandemic throughout the world is pointed at a highly contagious virus and not a bacterial strain, alas we are left doing whatever we can to stay healthy. Could now, more than ever, be the time to turn to Natural anti viral healers?

Inside our homes the focus is on constant hand washing. Fingernails, especially long ones, can play host to germs and bacteria, including those associated with COVID-19, the disease caused by the new Coronavirus.* The advice by physicians and clinicians is to simply, keep nails short. But could simple add ons to our 'hands-on' focus be right in front of us: 14 Benefits and Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Under your last UV gel and layers of old nail polish you may discover discoloration, dryness and painful splitting, not to mention a breeding ground for infection. Hand lotions offer some relief, but did you know that several ingredients inside of all of Dr.’s REMEDY nail polish pose as natural healing ingredients. Lavender, tea tree oil and garlic extract have therapeutic benefits as well as antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Soothing relief with an added health benefit, bonus!

Sometimes, adding a little natural healing is as simply as redefining your beauty regimen.

Naturally Healing Ingredients Inside Dr.'s REMEDY...

Garlic Bulb Extract

A powerful antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral agent that works synergistically with Vitamin C to help kill harmful germs.

Tea Tree Oil

A potent essential oil known for its exceptional antiseptic and antifungal qualities.


The oil works on the principle of destroying fungal cells by damaging the cell membrane. Lavender is more effective than all known antifungal drugs and can ward off the increasing incidence of antifungal-resistant infections, including: ringworm, Athlete’s foot and Candida overgrowth.
*Don't forget, not all nail polishes are created equal: The truth behind all the bad chemicals in your nail polish

Other ways to keep your good health in check and fight off dangerous germs is to drink plenty of fluids, get ample rest each night and find excuses to get outside and breathe in fresh air. Social distancing and handwashing are just two key ways to help the global good – don’t forget that exercise and eating fresh foods will keep your body and mind strong while we patiently wait for this virus to pass.

An At-Home Mani/Pedi Isn’t As Daunting As It Seems:

1. Gather together these items you likely have around the house: cotton balls, Remedy Remover, alcohol wipes, CARESS Cuticle Oil, a nail file and Dr.’s REMEDY nail polish.

2. After removing old nail polish, loosen the cuticles with CARESS Cuticle Oil. Massage the oil gently into each cuticle of each fingernail or toenail.

3. Wash your hands (or feet) thoroughly.

4. Next, file your nails to desired length (remember keep them short for the time being).

5. Use the alcohol wipe to cleanse the nail bed.

6. Apply the polish. First apply base coat, next apply 2 coats of color, finally apply 1 more layer of a clear top coat.

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