Working From Home, What’s the Remedy?

With the world in flux and so many health questions left unanswered, all that we can do for the global good is simply – stay home.

While listening to the news and wishing there were more we could do to help, many of us are now working from home, caring for young children, helping our students, preparing meals and aiming to keep our homes germ free.

Losing face to face interactions with those we love, as well as work with every single day, can put a stress on relationships. We lose camaraderie if we don’t make the time to at least virtually connect. Here are some ideas that can help make working from home a healthy and positive experience.

Set clear working hours

Make time for social chats

Take time to go outside

Give your family members space

Find a way to put away screens.

It is at this time, more than ever, that we need to allow ourselves ample time for self-care: drinking fluids to stay hydrated, getting plenty of sleep and most importantly, finding a way to help relax.

Giving yourself a mani or pedi is an instant stress reducer. Greta Angert, a psychotherapist who specializes in anxiety said: ‘I often recommend that clients include painting their nails as one of many helpful coping skills.*

We hope that you can find your at-home ‘remedy’ during this confusing time.

Other ways to control stress: Read a good book, make a home improvement, maybe even explore new cuisine in your own kitchen.


Being home doesn’t mean we can’t be of service, here are some of the ways you can lend a hand:

1. Donate blood, food, clothing, money*

2. Buy Gift Cards to support local restaurants and cafes

3. Help the elderly by sending groceries or a greeting card.

*How Can You Help During Coronavirus?

*Painting Your Nails Stress Reliever!

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