Your grandma was right, lavender is everything. The quintessential keep-calm-and-carry-on queen of essential oils, and perfect antidote for today’s crazy times, one of nature’s most calming blooms is having a moment—and we are so here for it.

As one of the many superstar signature natural ingredients that set Dr.’s Remedy apart, Lavender is probably the most well known of the bunch—and with good reason. Yes, it smells absolutely ah-mazing, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A member of the mint family, this vibrant purple flower, packs some major comforting power to go along with its subtle floral flavor and spicy aroma. From sleep aid to anxiety-fighter, trendy cocktail and recipe ingredient to natural anti-inflammatory, the list of reasons we love this multi-talented essential oil is as impressive as it is long. Check out some of our favorite ways to incorporate lavender into your life.


Proven to be more effective than all known antifungal drugs, Lavender is on point when it comes to fighting off pesky foot infections like ringworm and Athlete’s foot, making it an ideal ingredient for our CARESS Cuticle Oil.


As a natural anti-inflammatory, lavender’s topical powers are nothing short of impressive: it is commonly used to treat eczema, acne, sunburns, and bug bites. In addition to helping to sooth bug bites, lavender can also help keep bugs away because unlike humans, bugs despise the scent of lavender. Find it in: REMEDY Remover Acetone-Free Enriched Nail Polish Remover.


The ultimate aromatherapy fix, the calming, soothing scent of lavender is one of its most celebrated natural talents. Commonly used to combat insomnia, try dabbing a few drops on your pulse points before bedtime or adding lavender essential oil to a diffuser.


Good news for those of us—um, all of us—dealing with higher than normal anxiety levels, the scent of lavender is being studied as a natural remedy to stave off stress and bring a needed dose of calm to our crazy lives.


Skincare benefits aside, let’s not underestimate the power of the color Lavender. Associated with healing, relaxing and cleanliness, the color lavender gives off a feeling of peace, calm and tranquility—something we could all use right about now. And what better way to give your nails an extra dose of zen? Paint them lavender of course! Take your pick from our two favorite Dr.’s Remedy hues:
LOVEABLE Lavender Enriched Nail Polish Top nails with this trendy, lilac crème and transport you mind to a quiet, tranquil place
AMITY Amethyst Enriched Nail Polish Bring on spring! This cool, creamy purple is both sophisticated and flirty, and sure to put a smile on your face.


As part of the botanical food trend boom, lavender has been popping up on menus in just about every possible way imaginable: cocktails, mocktails, main courses, dessert—even coffee (yep, lavender lattes are officially a thing. From roast chicken to chocolate bars and ice cream, who knew how delish life could be when you add a hint of this versatile, mother nature-approved ingredient to your meal. But word to the wise: when it comes to cooking with lavender, a little goes a long way. Also, when shopping for ingredients, make sure to get “culinary lavender”, which unlike cosmetic-grade, is safe to eat—and won’t leave your dish tasting like potpourri.