NAILED down during quarantine, how stressful!

Have you noticed your nails have been breaking now more than ever?

Aging, vitamin deficiencies, and the weather can all contribute to dry, brittle nails. But, have you considered the impact of stress on your nails? A study conducted in July showed that more than half of Americans have been impacted by coronavirus related stress, whether through loneliness, social isolation, or job loss.


Just like your hair and skin, your nails can show visible signs of stress.

Whether you anxiously bite your nails or unknowingly rub your nails which can cause vertical ridges, it is no surprise that many have seen an increase in nail damage during these past 6 months. Stressful situations affect how efficiently our bodies absorb nutrients, meaning your nails might not be getting the nutrients they need and it could be affecting the growth process. Additionally, the alcohol based hand sanitizers which we have become accustomed to using, are causing our manicures to dry out and chip. They strip our hands of moisture and can dehydrate the nail and the surrounding skin leaving nails to be even more vulnerable. It may already be evident how destructive those alcohol based hand sanitizers are when you see how your polish fades away quicker than ever before.

While we might not be able to give up the hand sanitizer any time soon, there are a few ways to help protect your nails and keep them healthy in the meantime.

First, wash hands with a moisture rich soap whenever possible. Hand washing is preferred to strictly using hand sanitizer anyway, but it's also much more gentle on the nails and skin. When necessary, use a hand sanitizer with only 60% alcohol, which is still effective in helping you avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others, but not as harsh as some of the more potent alcohol based formulas. Second, avoid other drying products like acetone based nail polish removers. REMEDY Remover is a great option for removing nail polish and for helping to help nails retain their natural moisture. When it's time to update your manicure this non-acetone remover, loaded with vitamins and proteins, can help strengthen and restore weak nails.

Finally, when the winter weather is takes its toll and you’re looking for a way to protect your nails and add moisture back, we recommend HYDRATION Clear Moisturizing Nail Treatment with Pentavitin. This treatment can be worn alone or under your favorite polish. Hydration contains the “moisture magnet” Pentavitin which is a naturally derived plant extract bursting with hydrating properties, making it ideal for dry, sensitive skin. In fact, Pentavitin has an array of benefits, including maintaining cell renewal, strengthening hair and nails, and accelerating wound healing.

And it goes without saying, that it’s important to take care of your nails by applying lotion to overly dry skin and wearing gloves when doing household chores with chemicals, but sometimes brittle nails can be a sign of an underlying condition such as an iron deficiency or thyroid problem. In these instances, it is important to speak with your doctor.

How is the COVID-19 Pandemic affecting you, your family and your stress level? Don’t forget to find stress relief in everyday life. We found 7 tips to help keep you find calm this holiday season.

7 Tips to Relieve Holiday Stress

  • Take calm-down breaks
  • Put on rose-colored glasses
  • Get moving
  • Go for real foods mostly.
  • Take polite portions of “comfort” foods and drinks
  • Prepare “Nice To Do For Me" and “Need to Do For You” lists
  • Be generous

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